5D-Propulsion - The new benchmark for propellers: Digital technologies for the highest quality and propulsion efficiency.

MMG is setting new standards in the field of high-efficiency propeller drives with the innovative »5D Propulsion« concept. The key to success is the highest precision: by using five innovative digital technologies we guarantee design quality and production accuracy that are unique worldwide. The combination of innovative digital technologies and outstanding production standards of MMG is partially new and unique in the industry and creates the basis for propellers and holistic drive concepts with an unrivalled high level of efficiency.  The saving of up to 14 % in fuel thanks to the digitally optimised 5D Propulsion from MMG secures a clear competitive edge in the maritime trade.

The individual steps within the digital 5D-process create the preconditions for a maximum of design accuracy and the achievement of the conceptualized and projected success parameters.

By involving of a variety of so far unused data in the process of calculation important factors tailored to the needs of the shipyard such as individual ship application profiles or specific ship construction data can be incorporated into the concept at an early stage already and influence key factors on the production side positively.

The advantage to you: Maximum performance, unrivalled high level of efficiency and a saving in fuel of up to 14 %.

MDC –Multidata Design Concept

More base for perfect designs

Ship propellers in perfect alignment with the ship‘s operating profile and all individual technical parameters are our response to the increasing economic and environmental challenges in shipping.

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NPS – Numerical Propulsion Simulation

More simulation for more efficient solutions

In cooperation with leading research institutes MMG developed Numerical Propulsion Simulation (NPS) to increase the design accuracy by obtaining the hull-propeller interactions directly at an early stage of the development phase.

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OPM – Optical Precision Measurement

More measurement for maximum geometrical accuracy

Whether the potentials of the propeller design can be exploited depends largely on the technological implementation. By using Optical Precision Measurement (OPM) MMG guarantees the highest design accuracy in all dimensions.

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NPC – Numerical Controlled Processing

More precision for the highest manufacturing quality

MMG relies on Numerical Controlled Processing (NCP) for highly accurate machining used at all stages of production.

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VCT – Virtual Contact Test

More innovation for quicker propeller assembly

MMG has developed the Virtual Contact Test (VCT) to reduce expenditure on propeller assembly. With VCT the conical hub bore of the new propeller is aligned with the design data of the existing shaft while the propeller is still in the MMG works. Thus the propeller is supplied ready for fitting.

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Research & Development

Our ideas are the driving factor for your progress

At MMG innovation has a long tradition. From the very first day MMG has pursued a philosophy based on advanced technology. We are therefore always a ship‘s length ahead of our competitors.

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