More innovation for mobility in maritime transport

At MMG innovation has a long tradition. From the very first day MMG has pursued a philosophy based on advanced technology. We are therefore always a ship‘s length ahead of our competitors.

For more than 68 years MMG has pushed the boundaries and set new standards in ship propeller design. MMG propellers drive the fastest container ship in the world, the largest double-hull tanker and the container vessel with the largest engine capacity. We are also the leading manufacturer of low-noise propellers made of high damping alloys for research vessels and navy ships. Based on our success in the past we want to help shaping the future of modern maritime propulsion technology.

Our ideas and innovations are targeted to meet the demands of progressive ship owners and bring measurable improvements. All our R&D activities focus on new designs for more efficient transport by sea.

One example is the development of the Energy Saving Cap. This device is positioned in the propeller jet and improves the propeller dynamics and its efficiency. In order to enhance the efficiency of the entire vessel, we design our propellers for an optimised interaction with the rudder. With our silent propulsion solutions we have been able to significantly reduce the noise emissions of our propellers.

Together with other specialists and partners we solve complex problems and develop future-proof comprehensive solutions for the maritime industry.

MMG is involved in numerous cooperation projects with universities, research institutes and ship model basins from all over the world. Among our partners are the Hamburg University of Technology, Rostock University, Hamburg Ship Model Basin (HSVA), Potsdam Model Basin (SVA Potsdam), the government-accredited training centre for welding SLV M-V GmbH and many more. In order to exploit potential synergies we work closely together with leading ship-building companies who involve us at an early stage in the project phase when designing new vessels.