Centrifugal casting for individual requirements

With the method of centrifugal casting we produce liners and bushes made from copper alloy. The in that way manufactured semi-finished goods are suitable in particular for the production of highly stressed machine components.

The high-quality centrifugal casting products made by MMG are applied where good corrosion resistance, sliding characteristics, conductivity, abrasion resistance, static and dynamical heat resistance and surface refinement are required.  Upon request we offer inspection certificates according to EN 10 024 via a quality group operating independently from the production or certificates of a classification society.

The variety of usage of copper material is based on the unique combination of different characteristics.


  • Advantages of MMG centrifugal casting products
  • corrosion resistance
  • good sliding characteristics
  • high conductivity
  • abrasion resistance
  • wear resistance
  • high statical and dynamical heat resistance
  • surface refinement


Shaft liners, stern tube bushes, rudder shaft bearings, housing for shaft sealing
Engine Building
Axle bearing shells, coupling rod bearing, sleeve bearing shells, sleeve bearing bushes, piston pin bushings, crank bearings, toggle bearings and cylinder bushings, neck bushes, friction rings, round blank for heat exchanger, extrusion tools 
Gear Manufacturing
Worm gear wheels, worm rims, worm wheels, lubrication rings 
Motor Production
Stop ring, piston ring, ring wheels for electrical transmission, spindle nuts, cylinder inserts 
Conversion Technology
Screw-down nuts for rolling mills and screw presses