Flexibility and customer's request as standard

Since decades propeller blades and other components for ship propulsions of many different applications belong to MMG´s production line.
These components are casted and finish machined exactly according to design specification provided of our customers. MMG delivers propeller blades of all sizes and design for propeller diameter up to 9,0 m. 

We guarantee to our customers reliability, quality and delivery on schedule.

    • Controllable pitch propellers (CPP)
    • Composite propellers
    • POD-drives


    The basis for that is a close partnership during the

      • Development of the data for production (foundry, CNC-milling, measuring technology, grinding shop) and quality control on the basis of the submitted design data (data files, drawings and test specifications)
      • Simulation of casting and solidification performance with up to date hardware and software
      • Exact preparation of moulding according to modern foundry aspects combined with the long tome experience of our foundry specialists
      • Casting of the propeller blades in components in the foundry with high quality copper alloy
      • Precise machining with most up to date 5-axis-CNC-milling machines
      • Balancing in the grinding shop according to requirements of ISO484 and customer standards
      • Final polish in the grinding shop with highest accuracy
      • Quality control and factory acceptance test by the classification society
      • Issuing a complete product documentation
      • Delivery to the customer "Just in Time"

      Copper alloys for highest demands

      MMG offers their customers the entire line-up of copper alloys approved in shipbuilding by the classification societies. Decades of experience in casting and machining go along with extensive internal research activities. This research was and is carried out in close consultancy with our customers and the classification societies. All this makes MMG to a competent and worldwide accepted manufacturer of all copper alloys used in propeller manufacturing.

      MMG is in close contact with almost all popular manufacturers of controllable pitch propellers and modern ship drives systems, for example:

      • SCHOTTEL GmbH
      • Rolls-Royce AB Propellers, Schweden
      • MAN Diesel & Turbo SE, Dänemark
      • Scana Zamech, Polen