The new dimension of production

The MMG in Waren (Müritz) is one of the most modern and sustainable propeller factories in the world where age-old cultural technology and innovative production methods merge.

We operate the largest and most modern induction furnace for copper alloys which provides special production possibilities. The enormous capacity of the furnace guarantees highest homogeneity of the molten material. This finally creates the unique resistance and resilience of MMG propellers. A high-end-machining centre and computer-controlled five-axis milling machines ensure highest precision.

The castings are manufactured at more than 20 moulding places at the same time. A crane capacity of 3 x 160 tons allows the smoothly handling of castings with even extremely heavy weights. The Know-how of our employees is supported by the most up-to-date computer technology. The latest software applications enable us to simulate the casting act and the solidification behaviour of a casting piece. The exact material analysis will be monitored and documented by MMG’s in-house laboratory.

All production processes are completed under one roof in our 400 metre long production hall. This is not only highly efficient but also provides the MMG propellers with a positive resource balance even prior to putting them into operation.


  • We are able to offer to you manufacturing of components of up to
  • diameter: 11.600 mm
  • final weight: 160 tons
  • annual capacity: 14.000 tons