Restrained heavyweights up to 160 t and 11.6 meters in diameter

The propeller is one of a ship’s key component. As the critical intermediary between the power of the main engine and the water, it must push the ship across the oceans. Hereby, the required speed must be optimal combined with the most economic fuel consumption.
With most modern digital technologies the Fixed Pitch Propellers are manufactured in accordance to the hydrodynamic design provided by us. Of course, it is also possible for MMG to deliver propeller in accordance to design which is submitted by the customer with highest accuracy. In addition, we have large experience in the manufacturing of special propellers within the civilian and military range, among others for POD drives, thrusters and bow thrusters.

MMG offers the suitable propeller for each propulsion concept. Please, do not hesitate to challenge us.


Our standard scope of supply for the manufacturing of propellers includes:

    • design and construct the propellers and initiate the necessary certification process with the classification society
    • casting the propeller in the alloy required by the customer
    • complete finish machining according to ISO 484 and surface roughness acc. ISO 484 class S - specification of classification and standards specified by the customer


    The following options are available for finishing of the hub hole:

      • finished machined in accordance to MMG virtual contact test (VCT)
      • hub hole with scrapping allowance for fitting the shaft at the yard
      • propeller hole for keyless hydraulic fitting checked by using male gauge
      • propeller hole for keyless hydraulic fitting, directly fitted to the original shaft


      As standard, MMG propellers will be delivered with the following accessories:

        • plugs for oil injection holes
        • lifting eye bolt for slinging the propeller
        • plugs to cover the eye bolt holes
        • propeller documentation based on the final inspection by the classification society


        We produce fixed pitch propellers for all categories and sizes of ships:

          • post-panmax container vessels
          • crude oil-, LNG- and chemical tanker
          • bulk carriers
          • passenger liners
          • navy vessels
          • offshore supply vessels 


          In addition, we offer the following:

          • propeller cap with accessories
          • MMG energie saving cap (ESCAP®)
          • complete shaft line (propeller shaft and intermediate shaft)
          • stern tube bearings
          • stern tube seals
          • intermediate shaft bearings
          • propeller nut as standard or hydraulic type or alternatively a clamp ring
          • mounting tools for hydraulic installation
          • sending service technicians for propeller installation