Efficiency by MMG - New Dimension of Propeller

The key to our success are propellers that perfectly match the vessel, its engine and the purpose of the ship.

As fuel prices are increasing, ship owners are revising their requirements. The trend towards slow steaming has made propeller efficiency a top priority.

Our new label »Efficiency by MMG« is reserved for propellers of the latest generation that offer not only powerful propulsion but help to conserve valuable raw materials, minimise CO2 emissions and reduce operating costs. With »Efficiency by MMG«, we respond to the ever more stringent environmental and fuel efficiency requirements for maritime vessels.

Our goal: to make the shipping of today and tomorrow as sustainable and efficient as possible.


Small cap. Big impact.

The innovative Energy Saving Cap (MMG-escap®) from MMG enables ship owners to increase the efficiency of their propulsion system by up to 3 %. In contrast to conventional propeller caps, the MMG-escap® has an elaborated fin design.

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Doubly efficient – propeller and rudder in perfect alignment.

Global challenges require integrated solutions. In its drive to increase the efficiency of ship propulsion and to reduce emissions MMG looks at far more than only the propeller itself. In partnership with Van der Velden Marine Systems, MMG has developed a fully optimised propulsion concept: the Energy Saving Package (MMG-espac™).

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Individual Propellers for a more efficient propulsion

Each MMG-espro is individually customised in view of the planned operating profile of the ship. Load, draught, drift angle, speed, current, wind and swell on the planned route – all of these factors play a crucial role in the conceptual design.

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Optimise your operational fleet and save fuel of up to 14 %

The MMG-redesign offers shipping companies and ship owners an enormous potential for savings. Customizing the ship‘s propeller for one aligned with the new operating profile increases efficiency and reduces consumption. In combination with the MMG-escap®, ship owners can achieve fuel savings of up to 14 %.

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