Individual propellers for more efficient propulsion.


Top design for every type of vessel

Whether container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, cruise ships, naval vessels or supply ships – MMG designs and manufacturers propellers of up to 160 tonnes and 11.6 metres in diameter for all ship classes and sizes. We guarantee the highest reliability by using copper alloys, the quality of which goes far beyond the standards required by the classification societies.


Custom-fit for the specific operating profile

For above-average efficiency on slow or fast journeys, with a full or reduced load each MMG-espro is individually customised in view of the planned operating profile of the ship. Load, draught, drift angle, speed, current, wind and swell on the planned route – all of these factors play a crucial role in the conceptual design. MMG is able to incorporate over 2,000 operating points into the unique Multidata Design Concept (MDC). MMG does not only set new standards regarding the data volume but also exceeds the standards in terms of data quality. Weather data, for example, are broken down into the smallest detail, rather than just being recorded wholesale. MMG integrates empirical data based on more than 68 years’ experience in propeller manufacturing.


  • Fuel saving of up to 10 %
  • Perfect alignment with the specific operating profile
  • Highest production precision
  • Economical ship operation