Optimising your operational fleet

Overcapacity, falling cargo rates and rising fuel prices have been putting pressure on maritime trade for years. Many ship owners are already using slow steaming to reduce fuel costs and bring more ships in charter. Many shipping companies have now fully exhausted the potential savings of reduced speed with the existing technology.
MMG redesign offers additional saving potential. Swapping the ship‘s propeller for one aligned with the new operating profile increases efficiency and reduces consumption. In combination with the MMG-escap®, ship owners can achieve fuel savings of up to 14 %. An additional plus: MMG rebuys the old propeller. Thus, the return on investment is achieved in just six months.


For a secure investment: Model test reviews saving potential

MMG performs extensive calculations to determine the achievable saving potential of the redesign programme for every ship. Thanks to our Multidata Design Concept (MDC) we are the only manufacturer of ship propellers that is able to incorporate over 2,000 operating points – from real-life ship speeds to weather and load conditions. We test the predicted saving potential with our Numerical Propulsion Simulation (NPS). Model tests performed at ship model basins confirm the NPS results.


Quick replacement. Complete service.

MMG has developed the Virtual Contact Test (VCT) to ensure that propellers can be replaced within one docking interval. With VCT the conical hub bore is measured precisely down to a hundredth of a millimetre and aligned with the design data of the existing shaft while the propeller is still in the MMG works. If required MMG engineers will test the dimensions of the ship’s shaft using a mobile measuring unit.
The VCT makes the traditional spot check for fit accuracy between the propeller and shaft cone fully superfluous.
MMG also offers extensive services after assembly. Whether supervision, modification, consultation or repair in case of damage – the Life-Cycle Management applies to the entire life of the propeller. You can rely on MMG. On all oceans. That’s »Efficiency by MMG« too.


  • MMG redesign
  • Fuel saving of up to 14 %
  • ROI after 6 months
  • Highest propeller quality
  • Quick replacement
  • Full lifetime service