Top performance by tradition

We as MMG with a long tradition of foundries are located at the current company’s location Waren (Müritz). By now we can look back on 140 years of experience as a foundry.

The production of special castings made from copper alloy in particular the manufacturing of ship propellers characterise our company for more than 68 years.
Still today we take up that tradition and strengthen our market position by continuous improvement. 


Highlights of the company`s history


Commissioning of an laser controlled machining center


Extension of the R&D department. Usage of modern computer-based simulation calculations


Market introduction of the genuine innovation 5D-Propulsion. 5 innovative digital technologies for optimisation of ship propulsion systems


Beginning of the Efficiency-Series. Propeller and ship propulsion systems are leading to more feed and efficiency by MMG at decreased costs


Efficiency by MMG. According to this motto MMG presented at the SMM its new strategic orientation and first product developments for the efficient redesign of existing propulsions systems

Implementation of MMG optical precision measurement (OPM)
Every product will be scanned by on by an optical measurement system with an accuracy of up to 1/100 mm

2009 - 2010

Construction of one more machining workshop; investment in another large universal milling machine


New construction of a Profit Centre for Centrifugal Casting / mechanical workshop

2006 - 2007

New construction of 2 more foundry workshops for medium size propellers, components for controllable pitch propellers (CPP) and special casting


Extension of the machining workshop; investment in another large CNC-milling machine

2000 - 2004

New construction of a foundry with mould- and melting capacity for propellers of up to 150 tons finished weight und 11,5 m diameter


Investment in a large CNC-milling machine


Joining the DIHAG-Holding

1992 - 1998

Investment in E-Melting Furnaces and CNC-metal cutting machines


Takeover by Bremer Vulkan AG.


Foundation of Mecklenburger Metallguss GmbH


Construction of the machining workshop with NC-milling-machine for propellers

1954 - 1956

Construction of a new foundry for propellers of up to 6,5 m diameter and 25 tons finished weight


In the course of the build up of the shipbuilding industry in the GDR, start of heavy metal dead-mould casting, in particular for the production of the ship propellers


Transfer of "Eisenwerk Waren GmbH" to a foundry cooperative


Change of name to "Eisenwerk Waren GmbH".


Foundation of company "Behm & Steinhardt, Technical Bureau und Maschinenbauanstalt" OHG in Waren on today´s location.


A "machine building institute" with iron foundry was established on the waterside of Müritz