MMG propellers set standards for many years. In size, quality and efficiency. The key to our success are propellers that fit perfectly with the ships and machinery. For all ship types and the specific mission profiles... Find out more


    Propellers are driving huge merchant and cruise ships across the oceans. With a power of up to 120.000 PS and with a precision of clockwork, the continents can be moved together. But only a few people can see these Giants before they do their service under the water surface... Find out more

    We develop optimized propeller designs for all categories and sizes of ships. This includes container vessels, tanker (LNG, crude oil, chemical), LLCC´s, LNG-carriers and passenger liners. Quality, flexibility, reliability, adherence to delivery dates - these are the criteria by which our company is measured.... Find out more

    With the method of centrifugal casting we produce liners and bushes made from copper alloy. The manufactured semi-finished goods which are manufactured in this way are suitable in particular for the production of highly stressed machine elements... Find out more

    Decades of experience in casting any kind of copper alloys combined with latest state of art foundry and machining shop guarantee fulfilment of highest customer demands in all industries. We can offer individual solutions for all special copper alloy castings. There are barely set limits in size and weight.... Find out more